Cultivates New Era Solution

Zero-Fee Processing with Cash Back.

As more and more businesses use our program; currently, they are using it to help recoup the loss sales from COVID-19, free up funds to grow their business and offset increasing minimum wages. You are eliminating an expense, what you do with your new found profits are endless.

Cultivate offers 2 options for your business to choose from. Speak with a Partner Success Agent if you would like assistance in choosing the right program.

Dual Pricing

The Cultivate Dual Pricing Program is the next evolution of processing. It allows you to offset your merchant service fees without increasing your sale price. It is done by giving your customers the option of paying a cash price at the regular price you have, or a card price at a slightly increased price. That slight increase is used to pay the processing fees.

Cultivates Traditional Flat Rate and Rate Match Guarantee

We know you will love our Zero-Fee with Cash Back program. However, if for some reason you want to switch to a traditional program, try it out our Zero-Fee program for 3 months first so you receive your cash back.

Then if you are not satisfied with Zero-Fees and Cash Back, we will transition you to a traditional program. Cultivate will match and beat your old processing rates.

For those who do not have a merchant statement or are a new business, we will simply put you on a flat 2.55% and $.10 per transaction.

Our flat rate program applies to all cards.