Retail Business Owners

Zero-Fees Processing with Cash Back

Explore the revolutionary world of Cultivate Payments, a game-changer in the restaurant industry's financial landscape. Dual Pricing, powered by Cultivate, is not just a cash discounting feature but a strategic tool to empower restaurant owners with substantial savings on credit card processing costs.

100% Legal

Join the 10’s of thousands of businesses.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in 100% transparency

Simple to Start

All it takes is a brief conversation with our Partner Success Agent and the completion of your agreement.

No Risk Guarantee

Cultivates’ programs cannot be manipulated in any way to harm your business.

Eliminate Non-Essential Fees

State-of-the-art Technology

All our hardware and software is EMV compliant, Cloudbased and easy to use. Easy integration with most point of sale systems.

Cultivate Dual Pricing

Not Surcharging

  • Unlike traditional surcharging, Cultivate Dual Pricing seamlessly integrates into your menu items.
  • No visible surcharge; instead, customers see a discount for using cash alongside the total.

Psychological Advantage

  • Dual Pricing offers a positive presentation, avoiding customer displeasure.
  • Positions your restaurant as customer-centric, providing discounted options.

How Cultivate Dual Pricing Works

At Cultivate Payments, we prioritize legal compliance in every transaction, ensuring your business accepts payments in a secure and lawful manner. Now, let’s explore how to set up dual pricing for optimal financial efficiency.

Retail Business Set Up

  •  For compliance, you’ll add a cash and card price on all items.
  • When your customer check out, they will see 2 prices on the receipt.
    • Cash Price
    • Card Price
  • If the customer pays with cash, your machine will issue a discount equal to the cash price shown.
  •  If your customer pays with card, the processing fee is included in the price.
  • This offsets 100% of your credit card processing fees.

Cultivates Traditional Flat Rate and Rate Match Guarantee

We know you will love our Zero-Fee with Cash Back program. However, if for some reason you want to switch to a traditional program, try out our Zero-Fee program for 3 months first so you can gauge the profitability of the program.

Then if you are not satisfied with Zero-Fees and Cash Back, we will transition you to a traditional program. Cultivate will match and beat your old processing rates.

For those who do not have a merchant statement or are a new business, we will simply put you on a flat 2.55% and $.10 per transaction.

Our flat rate program applies to all cards.

Why Charge More for Credit Card Transactions with Cultivate Dual Pricing?

To cover the costs of accepting electronic payments, providing secure and convenient options. With this program you will pay $0 in fees!

Is Cultivate Dual Pricing Only Common in Restaurants?

No, it’s embraced by various businesses, transforming financial strategies across industries.

Why Do Some Restaurants Prefer Cash Payments?

Cultivate Dual Pricing becomes a tool for restaurants to encourage cash payments, saving on processing fees.

Is Cultivate Dual Pricing Legal?

Absolutely, with a commitment to transparency and adherence to legal standards.

Why Do Restaurants Choose Cultivate Dual Pricing?

To strategically offset credit card processing fees, placing control back in the hands of restaurant owners.

What is Cultivate Dual Pricing in Restaurants?

Cultivate Dual Pricing offers distinct prices for cash and credit card payments.

Who Qualifies for Instant Funding?

If you are at one of the supporting banks, you could be receiving your funding files within a few hours of your batch submission.

U.S Bank
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Bank of the West
Citizen Bank
Comerica Bank
Cross River Bank
Fifth Third Bank
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Pegasus Bank
PNC Bank
Regions Bank
SunTrust Bank
TD Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
Avidia Bank
Bank of Newport
Bar Harbor Bank and Trust
Cape Cod 5
Corporate One
Essex Savings Bank
First Fidelity Bank
National Bank of Texas

New partners are Actively joining, we will update the lists accordingly.

How do you make your money?

We make our money off the Surcharge percentage or Cash Discount mark up. We collect the money from that, it is used to pay the processing fees, then whatever is left over is our profit.