Traditional Retail & E-commerce

Cultivate Payments takes pride in delivering customized payment solutions crafted for a diverse array of traditional businesses. From small mom-and-pop auto mechanics and delightful restaurants to thriving nurseries, wineries, websites, gun shops, and hunting/fishing guides, we serve a wide spectrum of industries. We also offer large corporate options. We value your business whether large or small.

Traditional Pricing Plans

Retail Businesses

  • Approval in as few as 1 business day
  • No hidden fees
  • No reserves
  • No shut downs
  • Full reporting access to track real-time transactions and deposits.¬†
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Operates in respect to all PCI Standards¬†¬†

Existing POS?

With our bank partners, we will more likely be able to connect to it so you can use your existing one!

Required Docs

  • Voided check
  • Business License
  • Drivers License

If Your Monthly Volume is over $100K

  • (2) Years Tax Returns
  • Year to Date Financials


Customized Programs: Tailor your payment processing to match your website’s unique needs. Whether you prefer a custom program, a zero-fee structure, or one of our flat-fee programs, we provide options that suit your business model.

Seamless Website Integration: Benefit from a hassle-free integration process using trusted gateways like Auth.net or NMI. Our streamlined approach ensures that connecting the API with your website is straightforward, enhancing the overall user experience.

Dedicated Support: Experience unparalleled support from our dedicated Partner Success Agents. We are committed to ensuring your website’s payment operations run smoothly, providing assistance and solutions whenever you need them.

Transparent Operations: Our commitment to legal compliance and transparency ensures a secure foundation for your online transactions. With Cultivate Payments, you can operate your website confidently, knowing that financial operations are conducted with integrity and security.


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