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What is Cultivate Cash Back Program?

This is the only cash back program in the credit card processing industry. It is set up exactly the same as when your customers earn airline miles or cash back when they use a credit card in your business. Your business now earns cash rewards when your customer pays with a card.

How often do I receive my cash back rewards?

You’ll receive it every quarter, in the form of a check.

How does the Donate 10 to a Cause work?

We will donate 10% of your cash back (while matching the dollar amount) to one of our selected charities on behalf of your business. The donation will be in your name so you will get the recognition.

Who will get to write off the charitable donation?

Due to the money coming from Cultivate, we will be the one who can write off the donation, however you’ll still have the recognition.

What states don’t qualify for the Donate 10 to a Cause?

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawall, Illinois Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Verginia

Is this Legal?

The Federal Durbin Act allows business owners to provide discounted prices to customers paying with cash.


Is there an agreement?

No, we are month to month. We believe in earning your business every day.

What is your ETF


How will the switch affect my business?

Your profits will increase, you’ll have eliminated a line item expense and you will notice a slight increase in cash transactions, but overall their won’t be a huge change in consumer spending

How will the switch affect my customers?

If you are on our Cash Discount Program, you may notice some customers become a little happier when they find out they can receive a discount when paying with cash. For restaurants, you will notice your servers will have higher tips.

Does the hardware cost anything?

We have programs where the equipment is Free, but also programs where the equipment can be purchased or leased. The pricing vary depending on the number of stations, if its a terminal or point of sale and the hardware you want.

Can I use my own equipment?

It really depends on the POS system you have, and if the software is capable of assessing a surcharge or offering a cash discount.

How long does it take to implement into my business?

If using equipment we are providing, you should be up and running within 5 to 7 businesses days. If we are using your equipment, we are on your technicians schedule, so it is unknown.

Does the new system work with Apple Pay? PayPal? Etc


What if my business is based off recurring/subscription payments? Does it still work/integrate?

We 100% can work with subscription based businesses!

Do you have customer support available?

Yes, 24/7

What if I am stuck in a contract or think I have a cancellation fee or lease?

More often than not there is a cancellation fee, generally from $299 to $499, plus a lease agreement in some cases.
If you think you have one, call us and we should be able to tell you what it is, and how we will help.

How do you make your money?

We make our money off the Surcharge percentage or Cash Discount mark up. We collect the money from that, it is used to pay the processing fees, then whatever is left over is our profit.

Who Qualifies for Instant Funding?

If you are at one of the supporting banks, you could be receiving your funding files within a few hours of your batch submission.

U.S Bank
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Bank of the West
Citizen Bank
Comerica Bank
Cross River Bank
Fifth Third Bank
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Pegasus Bank
PNC Bank
Regions Bank
SunTrust Bank
TD Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
Avidia Bank
Bank of Newport
Bar Harbor Bank and Trust
Cape Cod 5
Corporate One
Essex Savings Bank
First Fidelity Bank
National Bank of Texas

New partners are Actively joining, we will update the lists accordingly.