Cannabis Cash Advance

Running a successful cannabis business comes with its challenges, especially when traditional financial institutions shy away from providing loans. Cultivate Payments steps in to bridge this gap with our innovative Cannabis Cash Advance solutions, designed to fuel the growth of your cannabusiness.

Unlike conventional loans, our Cannabis Cash Advances are not loans but advances on debit sales receivables. If you’re in the business of selling cannabis and related products, and you accept credit and debit cards, you qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance from Cultivate Payments. We provide lump sum disbursements, with repayments made at a fixed percentage of daily credit and debit card sales until the advance is fully repaid. As your cannabusiness thrives, the quicker the repayment process.

Our Commitment at Cultivate Payments

At Cultivate Payments, we are committed to providing secure, reliable, and compliant financing and cannabis payment processing solutions tailored for high-risk businesses in need of quick access to capital.

Financial Hurdles in the Cannabis Industry

Despite the legalization of marijuana in many states, federal regulations continue to pose challenges for cannabis businesses seeking resources. Traditional banks, operating at the federal level, often avoid working with cannabis enterprises, making it challenging for them to access loans and cash advances. Cultivate Payments recognizes the need for modern financing solutions that comply with ever-changing regulations, allowing cannabis businesses to streamline operations, expand, and meet daily operational needs.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Cannabis Cash Advance provides businesses with a lump sum of cash repaid at a rate proportional to daily sales, offering flexibility during fluctuating sales periods. This funding can be used for daily operations, ensuring a steady cash flow and serving as an excellent alternative to traditional business loans for suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Streamlined Process:

    1. Apply for a Cannabis Cash Advance through Cultivate Payments.
    2. Receive lump sum payment within 48 hours upon approval.
    3. Utilize funds for daily business operations.
    4. Repay the advance through a percentage of credit and debit sales using our payment processing system.

Why Choose a Cannabis Cash Advance?

Consider these benefits to determine if a Cannabis Cash Advance aligns with the needs of your cannabis-related business:

Easy Application Process:

Streamlined paperwork for quick approval.

High Approval Rate:

Despite industry challenges, we maintain a 95% approval rate for active merchants.

Quick Access to Capital:

Funding provided within 48 hours after approval.

Transparent Terms & Fees:

No hidden fees and flexible repayment options.

Business Growth:

Use the advance for marketing, equipment, payroll, renovations, inventory, hiring, and more.


Benefits of Cannabis Cash Advance for Cannabis Businesses:

      • Allows funding for specific initiatives based on debit sales receivables.
      • Qualify if you accept debit/credit card payments and sell cannabis products.
      • Lump sum payments with fixed percentage repayments on daily card sales.

How Cannabis Cash Advance Works for a Cannabis Dispensary:

      • Offers fast and convenient funding with flexible repayments based on sales.
      • Can be used for initiatives like gift card programs or marketing projects.
      • Repayment adapts to the pace of dispensary growth.

Are Merchant Cash Advances Loans?

      • No, they are not loans; they lack set repayment terms or APRs.
      • Alternative to traditional loans, with repayment based on daily sales.

Is Cannabis Cash Advance Right for My Business?

      • Discuss your needs with a Cultivate Payments expert.
      • Ideal for businesses needing flexibility in repayment terms.
      • Well-suited for new or smaller dispensaries experiencing sales fluctuations.

For inquiries and support tailored to your cannabis dispensary success, contact us at 866.374.5885 or fill out a contact form. The Cultivate Payments team is ready to discuss solutions for your cannabis payment processing needs!


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