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Enabling businesses to increase profits in a simpler, smarter way. 

We work with businesses to provide a solution to the financial challenges they face and help them evolve in a rapidly changing world.

After 12 years in the credit card processing industry, seeing both the negatives and the positives, we have created the most simple and unique program on the market. We help businesses turn a historical expense into a profit generating tool.

How Cultivate Can Help

Business Transformation

Providing a solution to businesses who face uncertainty, big or small, however that may look.

Allowing a way to free up money to be spent however your business may need. 

From significant minimum wage increases to decreases in restaurant staff tips to increases in credit card processing fees. We've got you covered with the simplest solution out there. 

Our Program
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Take Back Rewards

The first sustainable Merchant Reward program in the country.

We give Merchants the benefit of earning a 5X cash reward on all card transactions in their business.

Similar to how their customers earn cash back or airline miles with the credit cards they use - our program does the same for your business.

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Eliminate Fees

A simple approach to credit card processing allows your business to receive the full profit of the card transaction.

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Eliminate Fees and Get Rewarded

Client Testimonial

"Cultivated payments is a game changer. I was a little skeptical about how our customers where going to respond to a surcharge/service fee, but our customers have been very supportive about the change. Due to COVID-19 being a small business owner has become very difficult, but being able to recoup that small percentage of the service fee from Cultivated Payments has made a big impact with sales. The Customer support is great, all my questions were answered right away, and i know that if i have any problems they would be resolved promptly. If you have not thought about changing your merchant service provider, I highly recommend you looking into Cultivate Payments and start saving money right away."

-Christa Monkeys Subs Owner